Nurse Assistant-Certified

     We are pleased that you are interested in the Nurse Assistant-Certified Program at

Desert Valley Nursing Institute (DVNI). This is a Program designed to prepare students for employment as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in a variety of settings.  The program prepares students to be successful in the work place, learning employment skills and modeling workplace expectations. 


     Successful completion of this Program prepares the student to take the CA CNA State Exam.  The Nurse Assistant Program is approved by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). This Program prepares students to obtain employment in a variety of settings, such as Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospitals, Intermediate Care Facilities, and homelike settings. 

Program Description:

Students will learn patient care skills,observation, and communication techniques with an  emphasis on caring for the geriatric resident in a long term care facility.

This program includes required hours of classroom instruction and hands on clinical training under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse. Curriculum will include the 17 Modules required by CDPH as listed below.


                                             Core Program Topics

  •  Legal/Ethical Issues                                                  Vital Signs

  •  Patient Rights                                                            Nutrition

  •  Interpersonal Skills                                                    Emergency Procedures

  •  Safety                                                                        Long Term Care Patient

  •  Body Mechanics                                                       Restorative Care

  •  Asepsis                                                                     Observation and Charting

  •  Weights and Measurements                                     End of Life Care

  •  Patient Care Skills                                                     Abuse

  •  Procedures                                                               


We currently offer several different Program Class Schedules to meet your needs. Please see below for updated Program adjustments during the declared State of Emergency.


Full Time Program (Non-Pandemic) and is generally offered 4-5 times per year and is completed in 9 weeks. The Program consists of 216 hours of instruction and includes both a theory and clinical component. The class meets M, T, W, Th (8am-3pm classroom days, & 7am-3pm clinical days). 

See changes below

Pandemic: Theory Zoom Lectures 11am-3pm Mon-Thurs

Part Time Program (Non-Pandemic) is offered two-three times a year and is completed in approximately 14-15 weeks.  The Program consists of 216 hours of instruction and includes both a theory and clinical component.  The current class meets T, W Th  from 4-8 pm and some Saturdays (7am-3pm).

See changes below

Pandemic: Theory & Clinical hours remain T, W, Th 4-8 pm with 2-3 Saturdays

Strict attendance requirements are mandated in compliance with CDPH guidelines. Specific

requirements must be met upon entering this program.

FOR STATE OF EMERGENCY: The theory component will be conducted via a distance learning platform using Zoom lectures. A computer with internet access and valid email address are required for this. Due to adjustments in the learning format, theory hours are reduced to 4 hour sessions. This will still meet CDPH required theory hours for Program completion. The clinical component will be conducted at a Skilled Nursing Facility when possible. If this is not possible, due to the declared State of Emergency, we will conduct an alternate method of clinical training as a temporary method at the school Nursing Lab while maintaining social distancing, and using appropriate personal protective equipment. Some online and distance learning may be incorporated. This option is approved by CDPH as temporary for the declared State of Emergency Only. 

 Admission Requirements:

  • Must be at least 16 years of age with proof of legal ID

  • Social Security card

  • Live scan Fingerprints

  • $100 Registration Fee (non-refundable)

Tuition Includes:

  • Theory and Clinical Instruction

  • Textbook and Workbook

  • Lab supplies

  • BP cuff/stethoscope

  • Gait belt

  • Uniform

  • NON-Tuition covered expenses:

  • Physical exam with proof of Negative TB test must be completed prior to the clinical component and must be current within 3 months of beginning the clinical portion. A flu shot may also be required during flu season. (These may be suspended during the declared state of emergency).
    CPR Certification. State Certification Exam, Live scan fingerprints (still required)


Click the links below for more information on how to enroll and to view the Program Schedules.