CNA Enrollment
Students must provide evidence of 16 years of age, and social security card. There is a $100.00 non- refundable enrollment fee that will hold your position in the Program and cover processing fees.  Fingerprinting will be required prior to the first day of class upon enrollment completion.

You may enroll by contacting the Program Director for instructions on how to complete enrollment online, or schedule an appointment at the school. Walk-ins are not accepted at this time due to Covid protocols. 

We offer 2 Program schedules, a Full Time Day Program, and a Part Time Evening  & Saturday Program.  Each Program Session is limited to 15 students. You may call 760-935-3864 for enrollment information. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, money order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, Applepay, Androidpay. Payment plans are available as listed below.  Click on the link below to view the Class Schedules.

***Special Note***
During the declared state of emergency for Covid-19 pandemic, DVNI may use a blended learning platform. The theory component of the CNA and HHA programs may be conducted via distance learning through Zoom lectures, or in the classroom face to face, depending on current State guidelines. A computer with internet access and valid email are required if Zoom lectures are provided. The clinical component may be conducted on campus at DVNI in the skills lab when student entry into a clinical site for direct patient care is not permitted. Modifications are in place to support CDC, state and local guidelines for facial coverings, distancing, and cleaning protocols. Class sizes will be limited to 15 students. This blended learning format has been approved by CDPH during the declared state of emergency only.

                                        CNA Program  Pricing 2021

                                                                         $2300 plus $100 enrollment fee

Payment plans are available as follows: Please note that smaller payments may be made more frequently and arranged on an individual basis with the Program Director. Enrollment ending dates are given provided space in the class is still available. Enrollment may end sooner as classes fill up early. 

                                  Tuition Payment Plans 2021

Full Time Program


Session 1  $2300 (January 11-March 5 2021) CLOSED

Enrollment Ends  January 7                                     

Upon enrollment                                        $100 Enrollment Fee (non-refundable)

January 7                                                  $600 Tuition payment #1

January 28                                                $600 Tuition payment #2
February 18                                               $600 Tuition payment #3

March 3                                                     $500 Tuition payment #4

Session 2  $2300 (March 15-May 14, 2021) CLOSED

Enrollment Ends  March 11, 2021                                     

Upon enrollment                                        $100 Enrollment Fee (non-refundable)

March 11                                                   $600 Tuition payment #1

April 1                                                        $600 Tuition payment #2
April 22                                                      $600 Tuition payment #3

May 12                                                       $500 Tuition payment #4

Session 3  $2300 (June 7-August 5, 2021) FULL

Enrollment Ends  June 3, 2021                                  

Upon enrollment                                        $100 Enrollment Fee (non-refundable)

June 3                                                        $600 Tuition payment #1

June 28                                                      $600 Tuition payment #2
July 15                                                        $600 Tuition payment #3

August 2                                                     $500 Tuition payment #4

Session 4 (August 16-October 15 2021) $2300 FULL

Enrollment Ends August 12, 2021  

Upon enrollment                                       $100 Enrollment Fee (non-refundable)

August 12                                                 $600 Tuition payment #1

September 2                                             $600 Tuition payment #2

September 23                                           $600 Tuition payment #3
October 13                                                $500 Tuition payment #4


Part Time Program


Session 1A  $2300 (February 9-May 13 2021) CLOSED

Enrollment Ends  February 4                                    

Upon Enrollment                                         $100 Enrollment fee (non-refundable)

February 4                                                  $500 Tuition payment #1

March 3                                                      $500  Tuition payment #2

March 24                                                    $500 Tuition payment #3

April 14                                                       $500 Tuition payment #4

May 5                                                          $300 Tuition payment # 5


Session 2A  $2300 (May 25-September 2 2021) FULL

Enrollment Ends  May 20                                    

Upon Enrollment                                        $100 Enrollment fee (non-refundable)

May 20                                                       $500 Tuition payment #1

June 15                                                      $500  Tuition payment #2

July 8                                                         $500 Tuition payment #3

August 3                                                    $500 Tuition payment #4

August 24                                                   $300 Tuition payment # 5

Session 3A (September 7-December 23, 2021) $2300 OPEN

Enrollment Ends Sept 2                                         

Upon Enrollment                                                    ($100 Enrollment fee)
September 2                                                          $500 Tuition payment #1

October 5                                                               $500  Tuition payment #2

October 28                                                             $500 Tuition payment #3

November 23                                                          $500 Tuition payment #4

December 16                                                         $300 Tuition payment # 5

CPR Classes

Please call to request a CPR class as class sizes are limited.  We offer CPR-BLS with AED for Healthcare Providers  $70.00 per class paid upon enrollment. $15 deposit will be retained for CPR class cancellations with less than 48 hours notice.

We also offer Heartsaver CPR with First Aid for non-certified/licensed persons-$85. 4 Student minimum required to hold this class. 

Home Health Aid Certification Program    $600 + $50 registration fee                           
Space is limited. Please call the school to schedule for registration information and save your spot. Tuition must be paid in full prior to the class start date.  

This is a 40 hour program approved by CDPH.  CNA certification required.

Program Session 1: 5/25-6/4/21 CLOSED
Enrollment ends 5/21/21 (pending space available)
Week one: (5/25-5/28)  Tuesday-Friday 9am-2pm Zoom lectures

Week two:  (6/1-6/4) Tuesday-Friday 9am-2pm Clinical hours at DVNI campus

Program Session 2: 10/25-11/4/21 OPEN
Enrollment ends 10/13/21 at 12 noon (pending space available)
Week one: (10/18-10/21)  Monday-Thursday 9am-2pm Theory lectures (on campus face to face)

Week two:  (10/25-10/28) Monday-Thursday 9am-2pm Clinical hours 



CNA Certificate or proof of CNA Program completion
(HHA cards will not be issued by CDPH until applicant has passed the CNA State Exam)

Current Physical, TB, Flu shot may be required during flu season current within the past year(for clinical training)

CPR-BLS card (through American Heart Association)